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Work On Your Strengths!

  1. First of all you need to be in your strength (that puts you in the top 50%) Most people just find a job not their gift or strength!

  2. If you work on your strengths at all you should be in the top 20%. Most people that work in their strength are content to just be in the upper half in other words they just coast.

  3. If you give it everything you got (Study the best!). You will be in the top 1%. 99% of the people will not put in the effort to be very very excellent at what they do! That is why it is so easy to spot a "WOW".         How many times have you saw the smart kid in school give it a half effort and still be in the top half of his grade! Very rarely will you find the smart kid giving it all he or she has and being the stand out! It is just too easy too slide by with out studying. Now in the career world what if we would be in our strengths and give it all we got. The ones that do will be very very successsful and will blow their competition away. No need to work alot on your weaknesses. You can work all you want and still only be ordinary. Work on what you are very good at and become the very best! Be a disciple of your strength! This principle applies at home, church life or career. Now one thing i want to be real clear about is that weakness is not character flaws. I am talking about talents or gifts! Example: Dishonesty is not a weakness! That is a character flaw that you need to take care of!  On a side note Yoder's has a couple of WOWS and their are several more in the making! That is incredibly powerful to our clients! They know it instantly! GOALS AND UPDATE:

  4. Sales goal for June was 2,000,000.00. Sales for June was 2,126,879.42! Great job everybody!

  5. Traditionally July is a slower month! Let beat the odds and set our sales goal at 2 million!

  6. Chris Yoder is organizing some really cool events this summer! I am really excited about the very ambitious plans for reaching out to our present and future clients!                                       1. July 27th will be a really exciting event in Cashiers where Yoder's will put on their first of many Roadshows. That is where we promote Yoder's to markets that find it hard to visit our location and help our clients understand all the value we can bring to their project.                                       2. Katz Road Show on August 20th will be absolutely phenominal (that is a pretty big word, I impress myself! :)). Their will be classes for framing and for finish work! Their will be tv crews filming the event. Their will be a large potential for new clients to experience Yoder's. Lets all make sure we are in our strength and be the top 1% percent. There is not a better time to WOW our clients with the value Yoder's can provide on price, service and quality. I firmly believe we can provide all 3. Those who do not learn how won't be around! For more information on these events see Chris Yoder or attend one of the informative meetings that Chris Yoder is putting on to help everybody come up to speed.

  7. It is great to have Mr Floyd and Mrs. Ellen (Mom and Dad to me) back in the USA safely!

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