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  • Jim

Wisdom vs. Fools

  1. we think we already know

  2. We are to afraid to be honest!

  3. we don't know whom to ask. Your weakness is a strength for someone else. Your strength is a weakness to someone else.  That is why Team Work is so important! If you want to become wise choose someone:

  4.  who will ask you tough questions

  5.  who has nothing to lose by telling you the truth

  6. is where where you want to be in life To thrive in the next season of your life, here are the questions you need to ask:

  7. what do you think you know?

  8.  what don't you want to hear?

  9. where are you not being honest?

  10.  who can you ask about this? Other Stuff:

  11. Company Outing at Clemson Baseball on May 16th -- Bring your families!

  12. Attitude beats Talent every day!

  13. Keep Praying for Mr. Floyd - He has good days and not so good days. We believe God will heal him! Thank you for caring for our family and each other. You guys are the very best to work with!

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