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The Heartbeat

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  1. April 24th Floyd and Ellen Yoder back in the USA!!!

  2. May 1-3 Owners Round-table (I always learn so much)

  3. May 19th - Contractors Dinner (I am really excited about this evening!) Thought: There is lot to be learned about a company or individual on a slow day. think you can learn a lot about an organization when you watch what they do on a slow day, a day when there's no crisis, not a lot of incoming tasks. Sure, when we're reacting and it's all hands on deck, things seem as if they're really moving. But what about in the lulls? Do we take the opportunity to initiate or do we just sit and wait for the next crisis? If you have ten minutes unscheduled and the phone isn't ringing, what do you do?

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