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The Heartbeat

  • Jim

Preaching To Myself!

  1. The difference between success and failure is doing things others put off.

  2. Protect time with priorities. Some things feel urgent but they don’t matter. Urgencies control weak leaders. Courageous leaders bird-dog priorities.

  3. Mission and vision are the purpose behind productivity. What are you really getting done?

  4. Daily persistence is the secret to long-term success.

  5. Set deadlines. Today’s most important deadline is the one that achieves tomorrow’s goal.Distracting drama diminishes where priorities prevail. #2 People:

  6. People are leadership’s priority. They produce results.

  7. You are the most important person. Understand and develop yourself so you can serve others. This is effectiveness not self-indulgence.

  8. Understand others before asking them to understand you. Value them by understanding their values. Passion expresses values. Tapping into their values generates passion.

  9. Diversity creates richness. Hire people who aren’t like you.You can’t lead people untilyou know what’s important to them. #3 Pessimism:

  10. Reject blaming. Optimism isn’t blindness, it’s believing we can make things better.

  11. Worry about things you can do; fret less about what you can’t.

  12. Persistent problems drag down apart from countermeasures.

  13. Perfectionism paralyzes. Pursue better.#4 Pace:

  14. You can’t slow down… so do more of what matters now. Choose what must be done today and do it.

  15. Sprints get more done that full-tilt all the time. Go all out for sixty to ninety minutes and take a break. Rest increases speed.

  16. Slow enables fast. Reflect on God, yourself, and your day before it begins.#5 Persuasion:

  17. Persuasion is helping people convince themselves. People don’t stay convinced when you convince them. Meaningful goals, trustworthy leadership, and supportive environments are tools of persuasion.

  18. The secret to persuasion is making people feel understood.

  19. Align personal goals with organizational goals.

  20. Leadership confidence enhances persuasion.   Things to Remember:

  21. August 1st thu the 10th -- I am hiking the A.T. with 3 of my kids for 10 days and hopefully covering 124 miles! We will see.

  22. August 30th Labor ay Sale

  23. August 31st Clemson sends the Dogs back to Athens crying!

  24. September 27th and 28th Inventory day

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