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Perception is Reality!

If Perception is Reality, than Lead with Authenticity! Transparency, truth and being real is all the rage now as it should be. I have always been fascinated with the phrase “perception is reality” because it’s so true. What people perceive is usually what they believe, and it is based on what they see, hear and think. Our authentic, consistent communications from the get-go is always the best approach for building that positive perception from the beginning. If perception is reality, then why not do it right from the beginning? Be real, caring and kind from the beginning and that will be your reality from the beginning and for a long time Let’s be clear, the way people view you and the work that you do is the legacy you will leave behind.  Every day as we interact with others both personally and professionally, we leave an impression.  When people walk in our store, we are immediately judged! Let us always be aware of the impressions we give when our potential clients and yes even our loyal customers come see us.  As you go about the business of conducting your life people make judgments about your character, your appearance and your abilities.  Even your paper trail (i.e. credit reports and yes people…websites and web profiles) can lead someone to draw conclusions about who you are. Sometimes we may think our customers perception is unfair—It does not matter it is what it is! Christmas Party at the Fair Play Christian School on December the 11th at 6:30!

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