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  1. It is hard to believe that August is over! September and football is here! Dabo and the Clemson Tigers are getting cranked up this Saturday! Championship here we come! I really feel kinda bad for those Texas people this Saturday. Getting back to the happenings at Yoder's! There has been quite a few changes and some challenges this past month. I am truly excited about where Yoder's is headed and the possibilities that lie ahead. Here are some of the happenings and changes and I am also going to lay out a challenge to all of you.

  2. Lee Hunt is moving to outside sales and will cover some of Gary's accounts as well as focus on some new territory.

  3. Gary Mast farewell Party is Thursday at noon here in the big conference room.

  4. I am so excited about Jason Dyar taking over EWP! He will do a super job as the leader of the Engineered Department.

  5. Charlie Hunt will be moving to Counter Sales.

  6. Jonathon Cooley will be starting on Tuesday and will be training to do receiving. I am excited about Jonathon joining our Team. Help him to feel welcome!

  7. J.D. Miller had a very successful trip to Missori to look at a Stone Manufactuer. Wow! Go by his desk there is some exciting stuff to look at.

  8. Danny Loranzo closed a big window deal! Great job!

  9. My challenge to everybody is to read the book "Linchpin" and to post a comment on here about the concept that they relate to the most or that made the biggest impact on them. If you need a copy of the book I can get it for you but you have to promise to read it.

  10.  I know the economy is tough and we have to fight for everything we get. Never forget that we have a great advantage in that we have the best team in the building industry. It is not about 1 or 2 people but about all of us working together. I love this company and the people that represent it. Most likely when I am about 95 years old. Y'all will have to drag me out of here and say "Stay away, you are too big of a pain!"

  11. One more thing, We need to never forget that Life is so much more than business or money. It is also about a higher purpose. It might mean that God has asked you to serve your clients really well with excellence and represent him that way or it could mean many different things. Make sure you stay in tune with your higher calling and when you are 95 that you have left a legend of a life behind and people can look back and say I have been blessed and challenged because i knew him or her. I hope to have pointed people to God in my own way. I am definitely not a preacher- yall would get really bored! Most all of us know what Mr. Floyd is involved with in Jamaica. Dad's heart has always been to serve people and make a impact on people's lives and through that point people to Christ. We as a company want to offer some of that opportunity for you to get involved with helping people as well whether it be in Jamaica or Haiti or maybe it is in Fair Play. We want to make a difference with your help. I will let you know more information as the plan develops more.

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