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It Is Time To Move!

 There are moments in everybody's life when it takes more than words, more than insight, and more than desire for things to actually change. It takes action. If you are stuck between the way things are and the way they should be, then maybe you should stop thinking, talking and planning, and do something about it. Sometimes it just takes a move before... A team gets on the same page. Your message makes a lasting impact. Relationships go to a deeper level. Parents become intentional about influencing their kids. Sometimes People ask me why I am so passionate about Yoder's or about Leadership. I love to see people develope and grow! I like to see change in myself as well. Through the years I have learned to measure one's effectiveness over a longer period of time. I understand the principles of looking forward and looking long term and am willing to go through some short term pain to get there. The reward is seldom instant. (works that way spiritually as well.) Why is it that sometimes we tend to listen and learn, but never really implement, execute or change anything? There just comes a point in time when it's your move. At that point, what you do has the potential to change everything. Abraham had to leave his homeland. Noah had to build an ark. Moses had to confront pharaoh. David had to pick up a sling. Nehemiah had to rebuild a city. Peter had to step out of the boat. Zacchaeus had to climb a tree. It wasn't enough to hear or think or even accept what was true. They had to respond. It's as if God moved and then said to them, "Now it's your move." And then when they moved, God moved again in an amazing and spectacular way. The kind of person who makes a difference is the one who is willing to make a move, regardless of the risk.  Some have created unique churches. Some have sacrificed immensely to rescue those in crisis. Some have launched innovative ministries. Some have recently stepped out of their comfort zone to start over.  If you keep hearing and never act, then you'll ease into a dangerous complacency. Remember, the first Christians were warned to "not be hearers of the Word, but be doers." Here's another way of saying that same thing: "There can't be a movement without movement!" Things to consider this month:

  1. Feels like spring is here and business has definitely picked up!

  2. Teamwork will be key in all of us getting our work done on time. Read the book "The power of Teamwork" by Scott Baer. A local who has a interesting career and flew with the Blue Angels and is now a author and motivational speaker. I hope to get him in here to talk to our team at some point!

  3. Pull for each other. If someone fallls down--Have their back!

  4. Make your moves count

  5. Contractor event this spring. Probably in May. Larry Miller (the MAN) is working on the date and will be the coordinator for this event.

  6. Read the Book "Sun Stand Still" by Steven Furtick. This book has impacted my life as any book that I have ever read.

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