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  1. Deana Long is joining our Window and Door Team on Wednesday. She comes with 15 years of experience and Yoder's feels extremely fortunate to have her on our team! Help make her feel welcome!

  2. Our monthly All - Staff meeting is at 6am on Thursday morning!  It is going to be awesome! :) I am excited!

  3. November is the month for employee evaluations! You get to evaluate me as well!

  4. November 18th is Thanksgiving lunch at Yoder's. Yoder's provides the meat and everyone else brings a dish. Can't wait! This is always awesome food! See Diane for details. By the way Diane rocks! 

  5. December 4th is Christmas Party at my house. It is going to be a party. We are doing Pig-in-the-hole, shooting skeet, cornhole toss, etc.. there will be inflatable jumpy thingys for the kids. Bring the family that day! More details coming! Chad in charge of the activities so watch out it could get crazy! (By the way isn't he an awesome dispatcher!)

  6. December 6 -7 is an Ownership Roundtable in New Bern, NC. Mr Floyd, Chris Yoder and I will be there for 2 days trying to learn from our peers. We will be installing lots of video cameras everywhere while we are gone to make sure all of you guys are working and not throwing a huge party while we are gone! :) I have often told you guys that I get all the compliments for you guys. Well this month I got 3 compliments  from the Installed Sales Department. (I actually think they paid some one off) One client called in and thought Moe Schabaugh was the King of all Garage Door Installers! The next week a client called in and was totally impressed with Jeremy Cleveland and said that this guy was truly an asset to our company (like we didn't know) :) Then I had a sales person tell me that his customer thinks Mike Stoltzfus walks on water! Ain't that cool when we get to work around people that "WOW" their clients. That creates a ton of value! I want to thank you guys for making a difference. It might not take much more time but it does require emotional energy to go above and beyond! Thought for the month: What does excellence look like for you???

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