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Are you LIVE?

There are at least three reasons why someone might pay five or ten or a hundred times more to see a concert than the CD costs (not to mention the value difference: you can listen to the download again and again but the live gig is gone forever):

  1. There are people around you, fellow travelers, magnetic energy, shared joy.

  2. Something might go wrong. The artist is like a tightrope walker, taking big chances and the drama it creates is engrossing.

  3. You might be surprised. Something new and wonderful might happen and it might jar you awake. And yet, people in the 'live' business--restaurants, people doing presentations, building material suppliers--often work hard to avoid getting anywhere near any of the three. That is a shame. Our clients want "LIVE". They want all you have to offer and they want the best! It creates the most loyalty and the most value! The question is "Are you LIVE"? Agenda for the next couple of months:

  4. Get your evaluations done! They are due this week!

  5. November 18th is Thanksgiving lunch at Yoder’s. Yoder’s provides the meat and everyone else brings a dish. Can’t wait! This is always awesome food! See Diane for details. My wife is making Peanut Butter Pie! It is super delicious!!!

  6. No all-Staff meeting in December!

  7. December 4th is Christmas Party at my house. It is going to be a total blast. We are doing Pig-in-the-hole, shooting skeet, cornhole toss, etc.. there will be inflatable jumpy thingys for the kids. Bring the family that day! More details coming! Chad in charge of the activities so watch out it could get crazy!

  8. December 6 -7 is an Ownership Roundtable in New Bern, NC. Mr Floyd, Chris Yoder and I will be there for 2 days trying to learn from our peers. 

  9. The first part of December, Dad and Mom are going to Jamaica for a couple of months! Pray for them as they serve the people of Jamaica!

  10. January 6th is the next All-Staff Meeting at 6am. This will be really interesting! New Speaker - A truly inspiring story - You wont have to listen to me!

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