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The Heartbeat

  • Jim

Yeah Baby!

  1. The increase in sales caused more workload.

  2. Added an order puller.

  3. New Dispatcher/Operations Manager (Chad Overholt is doing a wonderful job by the way! Almost as good as Captain Chaos:)) 

  4. Added a new customer service so we can move Justin Dixon to EWP.

  5. Barry Rapp (high level of excellence)  is now the Leader of the Window and Door Department.

  6. Chris Miller working from Maryland (has actually worked pretty well). Congratulations on the new little one! We miss you!

  7. We had the most commercial jobs going on at one time (way to go Jason Simpson).

  8. Installed Sales has had some personel moves:

  9. Jeremy Cleveland to Installer

  10. Twila Overholt as an assistant to Mike Stoltzfus and Jamie Cleveland Some areas that need to be addressed yet are:

  11. Additional countersales person to help with paint and servicing our walk in customer

  12. Lower A/R days to a more reasonable number (Wiley Mclane is working hard at this).  Trying to find that balance.

  13. Looking for a website update solution -0pen for suggestions here. Our website needs help! Other Stuff:

  14. Sales goal for June is 2 million!

  15. Keep looking for ways to save $$ (technology, software, phones etc.). Lets make sure we have all adjusted to the new normal!

  16. This blog will be updated twice a month (1st and 15th).

  17. Surplus Store opens up Tomorrow! Tuesday, June the 1st Thoughts: Value: There are a ton of competitors that do the same thing we do. In most cases the only difference is the value we provide that is more or less than our competitors. Within a 50 mile radius (many people may remember the study we did a year or so ago) over 2,000 eople wake up every morning looking to serve the same client we have. The difference come down to people and their willingness to serve at a higher level than what is standard in the industry! I am so thankful Yoder's has lots of excellent people on staff.

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